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Thursday, 08 September 2016 08:50

Free Range Guinea Hens at Farm & Table (It’s Not What You Think)

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Guinea Hens

If you have dined with us lately and have managed to walk through our adjacent farm, Sol Harvest Farm, you may have caught a glimpse or at least heard the chirps of our newest residents. We are the proud landlords of eleven new guinea hens, and we have to apologize now, because they will not be gracing our menu anytime soon. They are known to be quite tasty but they are here for other, more important reasons. As reported in an article in Modern Farmer, these small chicken-like birds, with origins in the central African plains, are used quite extensively by farmers as an alternative to harmful pesticides as they are great exterminators of row crop pests including ants, termites, cutworms, grubs and our arch enemy the grasshopper! In the month or so that they have been vigilantly patrolling our property we have already seen a marked decrease in pests, which is great news as we prepare for the fall growing season. We applaud the work and creativity of our resident farmer Ric Murphy for bringing in these new additions to the Farm & Table family. We are committed to bringing to you the freshest seasonal food that is grown and raised with the greatest of care and with the softest impact to our Mother Earth. We hope to see you soon and happy dining!

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