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Monday, 03 August 2015 13:10

Rainy Seasons

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desert-rainRain is always a blessing here in the desert, and this year we’ve been especially blessed!  We had a rainy spring followed by a rainy summer, and nobody knows that better than the farmers here in Albuquerque.  I talked to Farmer Ric yesterday to find out what the rains have meant for his crops.

The rains have brought Ric a robust farm with beautiful crops, but I was surprised to learn there is a downside to the rain as well!  In addition to helping the Rics crops thrive, the rain has also helped the weeds to thrive.  And, with the weeds, comes pests like grasshoppers.  Lots and lots of grasshoppers.

So what is Farmer Ric doing to combat the onslaught of weeds and grasshoppers?  For the weeds, Ric is looking for more volunteers and work shares than ever to help with the work - if you’re interested in helping in exchange for fresh produce from the farm, contact Ric at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!  And for the grasshoppers, Farmer Ric is using a combination of organic remedies like cedar oil, hot pepper spray and diatomaceous earth to keep the bugs away.  Plus, he is his using a compost tea on all his crops to make them stronger, hardier and more able to resist the inevitable munching that will still occur. 

Despite the challenges that the rain has brought, there’s nothing better for the farm than bountiful rain!  We’re all grateful for the abundance it has brought, and we’re looking forward to seeing beautiful peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, squash, green chiles and more with the summer harvest to come! 

Farmer Ric says that rain is especially helpful because, in addition to the watering the fields, it also creates a nitrogen-rich atmosphere that helps the crops to thrive.  “I can always water the farm,” says Farmer Ric, “but you can never imitate a rainstorm.”  

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 09:03

Wine 101

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amywineIt's a little-known fact that at Farm & Table, we're as choosy about our wines as we are about our produce.  Each wine that we offer is carefully selected by our general manager and wine curator Amy Haas; Amy works hard to make sure our wine selection offers all of our guests the opportunity to  grow their knowledge about wine, while discovering new and exciting experiences.  

This summer, Farm & Table is putting the focus on rosé wine, by offering a flight of three very distinct expressions of rose.  It's an opportunity to learn and experience more about this often under-appreciated style of wine.

I sat down with Amy this week to learn more about the new rosé flight, her philosophy about wine and our summer wine selection.  Here's what she had to say!


Q. How do you choose your wines?

A.  Well, the first thing I look for is quality. We do tend to focus – and always have – on small, family-owned estate wines. Estate basically means that they grow their own grapes. I also like a story behind the wine: you know, so-and-so’s grandpa started it way back when, and it was passed down through generations, and they care so much about the land.  That's important to me.


Q.  Tell us about the new rosé flight.

A.  I think rose is misunderstood - a lot of people see rosé wine and think, "sweet, white zinfandel," and that's not the case.  The best thing about rosé is that it's so versatile, it connects red and white wines, and so it's very versatile when it comes to food pairings.  This rosé flight should change people's perception of what a grape is:  when you think about Cabernet, you think about a big, bold, full red wine but when you take a Cabernet and make a rosé out of it it could just be the most delightful, most light-bodied wine you've ever tasted.  It just goes to show that what you think you know you don't.  

On the flight right now the Liquid Geography is a Spanish grape, Mencia.  It's the most fruit-foward but it's still dry, it has those nice berry, strawberry, raspberry notes that people like.  I think it's the most approachable.  If you follow that up with the La Galope, which is the way the flight is designed, you get a lot of mineral, a lot of citrus out of the Galope that you wouldn't otherwise get.  And then we have the Archery Summit, which is almost a red Pinot Noir, it's so dark.  But it's served cold and it has that nice acid, so it's just a lighter version of Pinot Noir, maybe even leaning towards a very light-style, easy-drinking Beajoulais.


Q.  What other wines are you excited about right now?

A.  I think the Jaffur’s Viognier [available by the half bottle] is a wonderful white wine. It’s got enough fruit-forwardness for those that prefer something a little less dry, and it also has a lot of floral components that round it out. I’ve tasted a lot of Viogniers over the years, and this is just a perfect expression of the grape. I think that it is just stunning.


Q.  How do you share your knowledge with our guests?

A.  The wine list itself gets you out of your comfort zone. It’s diverse, so it offers something for everybody. The first thing we ask our guests is, “What do you drink? What do you like?” And that’s a great way to lead them to something similar, but something different.

We also do a lot of tastings among the staff. Every time something new comes on, there’s a dialogue about it. We have a wine training every couple of months, where we’ll taste through the majority of the list.  That’s one of the reasons I keep the list small and focused, so our staff knows about and can talk about every single wine on the list.


Thursday, 09 July 2015 13:54

Art by Karsten Creightney

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painting-7This week, Farm & Table said goodbye to Shawn Turung’s beautiful artwork on our walls, and said hello to a brand-new artist! Now, if you come visit us, you’ll see the evocative prints and paintings of local artist Karsten Creightney. Welcome, Karsten! We are excited to be showcasing your work on our walls.

Creightney was born and raised in Albuquerque, and received his BA from Antioch College in Ohio, before returning home to complete his MFA at the University of New Mexico. Creightney works in a works in a variety of media including photographs, prints, and paint to create vivid and expressive collages. Says Creightney:

Collage is integral to my process… it is a space made of pieces where questions are posed as juxtaposed fragments. …I make a space in my work where the feeling of surprise mixed with the admiration of something beautiful, unexpected, or inexplicable can creep in.

The results are vivid landscapes that are at once real and familiar, yet strange and dreamlike. Creightney’s work is truly striking – come in and have a look for yourself!

Wednesday, 01 July 2015 12:37

Welcome Chef Carrie Eagle

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CARRIEFarm & Table is changing and growing again, and not just because we’re heading into our most abundant season of the year! A month ago, we welcomed a new executive chef to our team: Chef Carrie Eagle.

Chef Carrie comes to us from Colorado, where she relocated from Albuquerque to head up the renowned Dunton Hot Springs Resort. While she was there, Chef Carrie received numerous awards and accolades from her cuisine, including the “It List,” for Travel and Leisure Magazine 2014, Conde Nast Traveler’s Top 40 Resorts in the World for 2014, and Bon Apetit’s #4 Best Food Lover’s Hotel in America for 2012.

Returning to Albuquerque is also a return to her roots; Chef Carrie is also a well-known face in Albuquerque foodie circles. Before moving to Colorado, she made her mark working all over the city for a decade, and opening many city favorites both past and present - Chef Carrie was the creative force behind Desert Fish; Taste, the catering arm of Zinc, Seasons and Savoy; and the beloved JC’s NYPD.

Chef Carrie is truly an Albuquerque treasure, and we are proud and lucky to bring her on to our team!

Welcome back to Albuquerque, and welcome to Farm & Table, Chef Carrie! We are thrilled to have you!

Friday, 05 June 2015 11:31

Theater On The Farm Blog

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theaterOnTheFarm color2 rays


June 10, 17 & 24


Theater on the Farm


Mingle 7:00 | Performance 7:30 


Performance only $30 | Mingle & Performance $50


Join us for this unique synthesis of food, art and community! For three consecutive Wednesday evenings in June, Farm & Table, Tricklock Company, and Duke City Repertory Theatre will present Theater on the Farm - a very special evening of food, drink, and theater set against the beautiful backdrop of Farm & Table’s on-site farm, Sol Harvest!


The evening will begin with a mingle featuring Farm & Table appetizers and drinks with the production’s cast and crew before the show. Following the mingle, Tricklock and DCRT will present two original one-act plays as the sun sets across the farm.


We hope you'll join us for this exciting and unprecedented event!  Seating is limited, so reserve your spot today.  For tickets and information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Tricklock Company presents Rain Follows the Plow:

 Set in the Dust Bowl of the 1920's, Rain Follows the Plow explores the life of a young couple from the city who embark to the wide open land in the middle of the country to begin a life together.  As massive clouds of dust swell up from the land and cover the floors, coat their lungs, and kill their crops, the two to wonder if their dreams may be impossible.  Rain Follows The Plow is a story of what it takes to survive against the elements in the face of dwindling hope and altered expectations. It is a story of love, loss, and need, echoing with the question, “how much is enough?


Tricklock Company is a prolific and talented ensemble that, since its inception in 1993, has been dedicated to creating and touring highly theatrical, often physical and poetic theatre; creating original ensemble devised work as well as original and published scripts.





Duke City Repertory Theater presents Groundwork:

"Grow a garden."  The idea hits Paul like a meteor hitting the planet and he's off. He reads the books, sows the seeds and before his first tomatoes ripen, departs on a crusade to save the planet one precious seedling at a time. Saving himself, however, will prove a much harder battle.  Groundwork is a new play by Mike Ostroski and Derek Davidson.


Duke City Repertory Theater is an award-winning theatre company that has quickly earned a reputation for producing top-notch, bold theatre that inspires and transforms. Duke City Rep has been voted "Best Theatre in the City" by the readers and editors of Albuquerque the Magazine every year since 2011.

Wednesday, 08 April 2015 09:43

Marble Beer on the Patio

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 SAL3945compressedThere are a lot of great things about living in Albuquerque, and one of them is the amazing selection of local beer.  Albuquerque has exploded with fantastic craft breweries, and we all know that one of the best of the best is Marble Brewery.  Marble recently won the prestigious award for best small brewery at the Great American Beer Festival - a huge honor!

That's why we're so proud to be teaming up with Marble for a special beer dinner on the patio this spring!  Marble is turning seven years old this spring, and to we're helping celebrate their seventh anniversary with a dinner that features Marble's award winning beer!  This special dinner is part of seven days of events to celebrate their seven years!  (Find out more on Marble's website at  We're so pleased to be a part of the festivities!

Join us on the patio on April 21st for a beer mingle at 6:00pm, followed by dinner at 6:30pm that will pair the freshest local spring ingredients with Marble's brews - both old favorites and new debuts!  We can't wait to see you there!  


Friday, 20 March 2015 12:54

Spring is Here!

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daffodilSpring is here!  Today is the first day of spring, and are positively giddy!  Life is already growing and moving underneath the earth, getting ready to burst forth soon – and Farmer Ric and his crew are busy getting ready too!

Last fall, Sol Harvest Farm did a Kickstarter fundraiser to raise money to put wooden doors on each end of the hoop hoophousehouse.  New Mexico winds can - and have - ripped through our hoop-house, damaging crops and the structure itself – last year Ric was set back weeks as he made repairs.   But this year, new doors will keep the hoop-house warm and protected, and prevent winds from causing more structural damage.  Those hoop-house doors are being built right now, just in time for the windy, spring season! Check out our progress!  

Farmer Ric and his interns are also busy planting and getting the soil ready for summer.  Seedlings that were started in the propagation house in January are now ready to go into the ground, and summer crops like potatoes and onions are being planted.  Farmer Ric is also “cover-cropping” about a third of the field to get the soil ready for summer: that means planting a place-holder crop like alfalfa for a few months to keep the soil healthy until they are ready to plant in the summer. 

asparagusSpring crops are also well on their way!  Asparagus is pushing its way through the ground, and will be making its way to our plates soon!  Other spring crops like green garlic and snap peas are soon to follow!  Yum!

New life on the farm means a new breath of life for the restaurant as well!  We can wait to see the wonderful things this new season will bring us!

Monday, 16 March 2015 11:04

Well Woman Wine + Wisdom

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It’s Women & Creativity month, and on Saturday, March 28th, Farm & Table’s Cherie Montoya is partnering with Giovanna Rossi of the Well Woman Project to bring you a truly special afternoon.

Well Woman Project is an ongoing project that helps women reach their highest level of fulfillment and well-being in every aspect of their lives. Through radio shows, the Well Woman website, regular social gatherings and more, Well Woman Project strives to make every woman a Well Woman.

On March 28th at 1:00pm, in partnership with Well Woman Project, Farm & Table brings you WELL WOMAN WINE + WISOM, a very special afternoon celebrating the potential in every woman. Enjoy wine from women vintners curated by our own Amy Haas, tapas created by our pastry chef Tracy Johnson, and of course WISDOM from four dynamic women in four distinct disciplines.

Antonia Montoya, Aimee Conlee and Shawn Turung will speak on tapping into the core of wellness through the lenses of gratitude, sound, and creativity. Learn more about these amazing women below:


Antonia Montoya – Gratitude:AntoniaMontoya-Gratitude

Antonia Montoya, MS, CHES, is a health education specialist with well over a decade of experience including presenting her work to international, national, and state conferences. Not only is her work evidence-based, it is meaningful and brings people together. Great things happen when you notice, appreciate and share your gratitude. All of us interconnected, fulfilled, full of wonder, healthy, wealthy, and well. Join us.


IMG 6860Aimee Conlee – Sound:

Aimee embraces sound and music as a pathway to the divine. In 2009, Aimee received her certification in Sound, Voice and Music Healing from the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS), led by sound healing pioneer Silvia Nakkach. She joyfully shares this path of remembering and freeing our true voice through performance, ceremony, workshops and everyday life.



Shawn Turung – Creativity:LD face shot

Shawn Turung is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with continued graduate studies in 20th c. Art History and Culture from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX.

As a student in Chicago, Shawn began a three-year internship with an historic art restorer, which translated into a business as an historic art restoration specialist and fine decorative artist in Houston, TX for the next 11 years.

A successful career in restoration meant a subsequent lengthy hiatus from creating her personal art, so a desire to re-connect with Fine Arts prompted a move to New Mexico. Presently, Shawn works with the City of Albuquerque as the 2-D restoration professional for the Public Art Collection, Is the Lead Artist for the 'Mural Project' - a mid-school level art program, through the Harwood Art Center, is a representative on the Bernalillo County Arts Board and to exhibits her work nationally.


We hope you’ll join us for this amazing event!

Well Woman Wine + Wisdom
March 28 | 1:00pm | $35

Wednesday, 04 March 2015 16:09

Women & Creativity Artist Shawn Turung

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shawnsnippetMarch is here, and Farm & Table is once again ready to celebrate Women & Creativity! Women & Creativity is a month-long, inter-disciplinary celebration of women's creativity throughout the city of Albuquerque and we are pleased and honored to be participating again! We are planning several Women & Creativity events, including a pop-up dinner with Edible Santa Fe and guest chef Cristina Martinez of the Artichoke Cafe, and speaking event in partnership with Well Woman, in which four amazing women will speak on tapping into the core of wellness (more on that later!).

Also in celebration of Women & Creativity month, beginning in March Farm & Table will be showing the work of Shawn Turung. Turung is a local artist who works in an eclectic variety of media. She is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. After 11 years in Houston, Turung moved to New Mexico in order reinvigorate her personal art. Now she works with the city of Albuquerque as the 2-D restoration professional for the Public Art Collection, is Lead Artis for the 'Mural Project' - a mid-school level art program through the Harwood Art Center, is a representative on the Bernalillo County Arts Board, and to exhibits her work nationally.

Turung's brilliant, evocative works embodies what Women & Creativity month is all about, and we are thrilled to be displaying them on our walls from March until June of this year. Turung has chosen each of the paintings we are showing to reflect the spirit of women and creativity. Says Turung, "I wanted to celebrate some women that have influenced, helped direct, and inspired me throughout my life."

She says also of the medium for many of her paintings, "I also chose to pain on mirror because sometimes mirrors have a profound effect on women - reflections can be skin deep as well as internal."

Whatever the reason, Turung's striking and unique work is a special treat for us at Farm & Table - a beautiful expression of women and creativity!

Thursday, 26 February 2015 20:11

March Events

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March Events and Special Dinners

Please join us for these very special events!



Farm & Table’s 3rd Birthday Dinner: Celebrating Farmer Ric and Sol Harvest Farm!

Please join in with us to celebrate our third birthday! Did you know that over the last three years Farmer Ric has raised over 6,000 pounds of vegetables for the restaurant? We are celebrating the plentiful and year-round harvest that Farmer Ric, his wife Aimee, interns, work shares and volunteers have worked so hard to produce. Ric will choose ingredients that highlight his winter harvest – and each course will be paired with beers and ciders!

Five-Course Dinner with Local Beer & Cider Pairings
March 10 | One seating at 6:30 | $65



March 28
Well Woman WINE + WISDOM (Brunch Event)
Jessica Eaves Mathews | Antonia Montoya | Aimee Conlee | Shawn Turung

Every year, Farm & Table participates in Women & Creativity, an annual, month-long series of events that celebrate women's creativity across the disciplines and across the state. This year, Cherie Montoya of Farm & Table and Giovanna Rossi of Well Woman Project join together to bring you an afternoon of inspiration, food, wine…and YES, wisdom! Join with us to hear four dynamic women speak on tapping into the core of wellness through the lenses of courage, gratitude, voice, and creativity. The afternoon will include wine from women vintners curated by Amy Haas and tapas featuring local female food artisans created by Tracy Johnson.
Women & Creativity Brunch Event
March 28 | 1pm | $35




The Art of Eating: A Women & Creativity Dinner with Guest Chef Cristina Martinez
Farm & Table partners with Edible Santa Feto participate in The Art of Eating, a pop-up dinner series during the month of March. Join us for a very special dinner featuring Chef Cristina Martinez from Artichoke Café. Chef Martinez will work alongside wine curator Amy Haas and pastry chef Tracy Johnson to create a menu that highlights women farmers, and food artisans.

Five-Course Dinner with Wine Pairings

March 31 | One seating at 6:30pm | $75


Seating and spaces are limited. Please RSVP by emailing

These are pre-paid, fixed-price dinners.  Reservations are not confirmed until payment is taken.  All payments refundable up to 24 hours before the dinner.