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Tuesday, 25 June 2013 15:42

Alibi - June 2013

Brunch for Every Possible Situation. Or four hypothetical situations - Read the full article here.

Your car broke down on Griegos: Farm and Table.

Yep, there you are in the warehouse district stuck for a good hour staring at a chain link fence, broken glass and the comings and goings of feral cats. As you gaze at the junk food wrappers blowing across the train tracks, you can’t help but think about everything that is wrong with our crapped-up world.

Maybe you should move to Colorado.

Well, that’s a terrible idea. A better idea is to get a good night’s sleep, wake up Sunday and google a bike route to Farm and Table. There on the patio, amongst the blooming tulips, flitting birds, acequia-esque fountain and verdant North Valley fields, industrial horrors fade away.

Start with the triple pastry plate ($7)—the lush, still warm, Grand Marnier bread pudding coffee cake, the thick slice of fresh carrot cake with an inch of scalloped cream cheese frosting, the heavenly cream puff with red chile caramel filling. See? It’s not all Ding Dongs and chain link fence out there.

The creamy blue corn pancakes ($9) will melt away your foolish notions about moving north. The tenderloin benedict with bacon bits, frizzled greens, poached egg and hollandaise ($14) will fortify you for a return to the city.

At Farm and Table, fresh and local ingredients are the crux of their magic. Everything just tastes more like itself and the earth comes back to center. Farm and Table is what’s right with the world and the best place to forget, for one morning, what’s wrong.

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