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Cherie Montoya wins the 2017

"Olla" Local Hero Award

After receiving the Best Restaurant in years past and Best Chef this year, we are extremely grateful to receive this special Local Hero Award that recognizes the hard work Cherie has put into championing farm fresh, locally-produced food in New Mexico.


"I love that local food connects us with the people, ecology, history, and traditions of a particular place – whether it be a specific area of town, another city or a different part of the world. Here in Albuquerque, I love that local food has the ability to strengthen our community."

- Cherie Montoya

Enjoy the  winter issue of Edible Santa Fe to read Cherie's profile and learn more about other Local Hero winners.

Thursday, 02 February 2017 15:10

Chef Carrie WINS Food Network's Chopped Episode

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smaller carrie

Farm & Table's Executive Chef, Carrie Eagle was featured in Food Network's Chopped on January 31!


In the end, Carrie Eagle was the lone chef left standing.

The Duke City resident, who is the executive chef at Farm & Table, won $10,000 after beating out the competition on the Food Network’s “Chopped,” which aired Tuesday night.

The series pits four chefs against one another as they compete for a chance to win $10,000. The chefs have to create an appetizer, an entree and a dessert. The episode’s theme was “game day party.”

 Eagle competed against Jon Rosa from Harlem, N.Y., Dean Dupuis, from Washington, D.C., and Pete Santero from Passaic County, N.J.

The four chefs competed by reinventing mac and cheese for the appetizer round, artichokes in the entree round and a stadium starch in the dessert basket.

“I like the energy,” she says of the show. “I wouldn’t make a career of cooking on TV. But in the competition setting, I like the opportunity to have a set of challenges and come through.”

Eagle has been at Farm & Table for close to two years and has had to cook to get a few jobs in her life.

“Having been in those high-pressure situations, I felt that it prepared me (for the show),” she says. “I opened my basket and I counted the four ingredients and began to work. It was intense.”

“Chopped,” hosted by Ted Allen, is in its eighth season on Food Network.


Written by: Adrian Gomez for the Albuquerque Journal


Wednesday, 19 October 2016 17:31

A Celebration of Local Food

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 Ric Murphy in front of his operation

 Photo: Ric Murphy in front of his operation, Sol Harvest Farm taken by Danny Lopez


We work with a network of over sixty-five local farmers, ranchers and food artisans. These important connections allow us to bring to you fresh seasonal food throughout the year. Despite the fact that New Mexico is considered a ‘food desert’ we are fortunate to have an ever-growing number of restaurants that are committed to sourcing as much local food as possible. This is not easy nor cheap but it is very important to us.


The October 9 issue of the New York Times Magazine was dedicated to food and reminds us of the influence that Big Food (agriculture and meat) has on our country and the struggle that our federal government has in trying to regulate these industries. It’s a very complicated issue, but suffice it to say, that we are many years away from needed and important reforms in these industries. Through an abundance of research, increased education and more and more documentary films, we have been given a glimpse of the darker sides of these industries which include the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, the poor treatment of animals, the inequality that exists between farmers and ranchers and the large food companies, and the incredible power of the big industries’ lobbying arms.


These issues may seem daunting but they do give us cause to rejoice and celebrate our local food producers. At Farm & Table we have seen more people join the ranks of the local food movement and we now have more opportunities throughout the year to enjoy fresh and healthy food. During the spring and fall growing and harvesting seasons there seem to be food festivals, special dinners and events, and farmer’s markets almost every week. According to the Times the local food industry now accounts for about $50 billion per year. As we can see, there are a myriad of opportunities to remain informed, educated and inspired by our efforts to support and enjoy our local food economies. Now, in this abundant harvest season let’s not forget to give thanks to all of those farmers, ranchers and food artisans who work so hard to bring us wonderful food and improved health! 

DSC 0128

As a boy my father would occasionally offer me a sip of wine as he had a fondness for the libation, which stemmed from his years in the restaurant and catering industry. He is easily one of my favorite people to talk wine with and I am grateful to him for sparking my interest in the world’s most fascinating beverage.


The most important characteristic a wine can express is the land from which it hails. After all, it is the sun,soil, and individual micro-climate of that region which makes it unique. Consequently, the greatest wines also reflect the history, family values, and blood sweat and tears of the generations who have poured their hearts into producing this precious beverage. The winemaker is not an artist or creationist, but rather a facilitator of the beautiful produce the earth has given, ensuring that it reaches its fullest potential.

As a native New Mexican, my passion for food and wine is derived from over ten years working in restaurants, wine sales, and a winery in Albuquerque. After three years in the Bay area, tasting daily, and receiving a profound appreciation for the great wines of the world, I cannot express enough my joy in returning home.


Upon my return to New Mexico, as I was enjoying time as a stay-at-home dad, I learned that Farm & Table was looking for a wine curator. The stars aligned and after an interview with owner Cherie Montoya and former wine director, Amy Haas, I was hired and instantly fell in love with this establishment. 


Farm & Table is situated on a property with a history dating back two hundred years. It served as a stagecoach stop alongel Camino Real, which was the original trade route between Mexico City and Santa Fe. Cherie’s father saved the property from development in the 1980s and the ambiance is like that of no other establishment in our city. We work with over 65 local farms and food purveyors, including Sol Harvest Farm, our on-site farm which is visible from the patio. Farm & Table’s dedication to local food and respect to those who make our community so wonderful, are just a few of the reasons that I am extremely proud to represent this establishment.


In addition to the locality of the cuisine, we are blessed with a thriving beer and growing wine industry in a state with a viticultural history that is arguably the oldest in the U.S. We offer libations from around the world as well as from local breweries like Marble and Bosque, as well as local wineries such as Gruet, Sheehan Family Winery, and Milagro. Pairing wine and beer with the culinary wizardry of our head chef Carrie Eagle is a dream come true. I beam with gratification to be part of this team as we showcase the finest produce from this enchanting state. I encourage you to come and enjoy the Farm & Table experience, as we will host numerous events in which neighborhood food and fermented beverage will be king!



James Krajewski

Guinea Hens

If you have dined with us lately and have managed to walk through our adjacent farm, Sol Harvest Farm, you may have caught a glimpse or at least heard the chirps of our newest residents. We are the proud landlords of eleven new guinea hens, and we have to apologize now, because they will not be gracing our menu anytime soon. They are known to be quite tasty but they are here for other, more important reasons. As reported in an article in Modern Farmer, these small chicken-like birds, with origins in the central African plains, are used quite extensively by farmers as an alternative to harmful pesticides as they are great exterminators of row crop pests including ants, termites, cutworms, grubs and our arch enemy the grasshopper! In the month or so that they have been vigilantly patrolling our property we have already seen a marked decrease in pests, which is great news as we prepare for the fall growing season. We applaud the work and creativity of our resident farmer Ric Murphy for bringing in these new additions to the Farm & Table family. We are committed to bringing to you the freshest seasonal food that is grown and raised with the greatest of care and with the softest impact to our Mother Earth. We hope to see you soon and happy dining!

Friday, 29 July 2016 13:09

Farm Flowers!

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FullSizeRenderHave you ever noticed how beautiful and ever-changing the flower arrangements are at Farm & Table? That's because they're lovingly crafted for us every week by Sol Harvest Farm. Aimee (Farmer Ric's wife), along with help from Sol Harvest's fabulous interns Lacy and Leigh, create new and unique arrangements for the restaurant every week.

And the best part? As many flowers as possible come straight from the farm! Right now is peak flower season, so our arrangements are just bursting with Sol Harvest flowers. Farmer Ric is growing yarrow, gomphrena, black-eyed Susans, sunflowers and Queen Anne's lace. The flowers are used at Farm & Table, and you can also get your very own gorgeous arrangement at the Downtown Grower's Market!

But the arrangements don't just stop with flowers. Sol Harvest has been known to use onions, leeks, purple basil, turnips, wild grasses, and lettuce to finish our arrangements, too!  You won't find flowers as unusual or gorgeous anywhere else in the city. Thank you, Ric, Aimee, Lacy and Leigh!

Wednesday, 08 June 2016 11:28

Art Reception + Happy Hour for Shakti Kroopkin

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Shakti Kroopkin Art Reception

Friday June 10 | 3-5:30 pm

Free event | Meet the Artist | Cash Bar | DJ OBI Zen

Join us with Shakti Kroopkin on the patio for her closing reception. Enjoy the chill beats of DJ OBI Zen, light hors d'oeuvres, and a cash bar. Her work will be available for purchase with 100% of the sale going to the artist.

Her work has been showcased since March at Farm & Table and will be up until June 26. Shakti’s abstract “shapespaces” are rooted in her memories of the Chicago cityscape, combined with the vast raw beauty of New Mexico where she currently resides. The artist’s process exposes luminous spirit, imagination and movement while being grounded in her unique visual language of reoccurring lines, shapes, color and symbols. The raw expression of emotion and energy traverses the limitations of the finite world, inviting the viewer on a journey offering the freedom of infinite play. 

Thursday, 26 May 2016 09:54

Theater on the Farm is Back!

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Theater on the Farm is back for its second year!

Join us for our annual theater festival on the farm deck the first three Thursdays in June!  This summer, Farm & Table will once again partner with Tricklock Company and Duke City Repertory Theatre to bring you innovative theater in a stunning setting.

June 2, 9 & 16 | 8:00 performance | $30


Tricklock Company presents:

Ingrid and Nurton

by Drew Morrison

Directed by Juli Hendren

Featuring Erin Phillips, Drew Morrison, and Hannah Kauffmann

Music by The Porter Draw

Ingrid's got it good. She's converted the old family home into a bakery, living alone in the old house, starting the fire for the oven out back in the early hours each morning. Her weekly public dinners are sold out weeks in advance, to high paying, hungry crowds. Her pies and breads have drawn the attention of several culinary publications, and though she hardly considers her living room a restaurant, she's earned her first review. The only problem is that the critic en route to pen the critique is well known for scathing, abusive condemnations of up-and-comers in the restaurant industry. He also happens to be her brother.

A story of family, food, and what happens when the critic comes home.


Duke City Repertory Theatre presents:

Que Kerastas, Kerastas

by Geogina Hernandez Escobar

From award-winning playwright and UNM alum Georgina Escobar, Que Kerastas, Kerastas examines the human desire for connection, understanding, and control. When Jenna returns to her mother’s apricot orchard in rural New Mexico after a not-so-unexpected death, she reunites with Leonard—a worldly neighbor and childhood friend who cared for Jenna’s mother long after she and her sisters left the farm. As Jenna reels with the onslaught of memories brought by her return and Leonard’s presence, the two estranged friends grapple with understanding love, life, and loss—and that perhaps our greatest comfort lies in accepting that whatever will be, will be.


To RESERVE YOUR TICKET call 505-503-7124 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">.


Make your dinner reservation at Farm & Table for before the show and receive 15% off your meal! Make a note in your reservation that you are attending Theater on the Farm!

Friday, 13 May 2016 18:04

Best 100 Brunch Restaurants!

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small Cheers




Farm & Table was recognized as one of the 

 100 Brunch Restaurants in America!


OpenTable Releases its 2016 List!




Please join us for brunch on Saturday & Sunday from 9-2pm

Enjoy delicious weekly pastry specials and a great menu!

Reservations are recommended



Thursday, 12 May 2016 12:51

Homemade Ice Cream at F&T

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13177487 1110842525644670 9121086986806001501 nPsst... have you tried the ice cream at Farm & Table yet? It's a little secret that Farm & Table has the best ice cream in town! In fact, our ice creams were just featured in the Alibi!

So what makes our ice creams so good? Well, it doesn't hurt that each ice cream is made lovingly by hand by our amazing pastry chef, Tracy Johnson. Between setting the custard (to thicken it) and spinning the ice cream, each of her delicious ice creams takes a full two days to make... but we know better at Farm & Table than to rush a good thing!

Tracy also uses the freshest seasonal ingredients in her ice cream - including local honey from Taos and eggs from neighborhood farmers right down the block! Tracy is always coming up with new flavors, and she loves the creative freedom she has to play around with new and exciting combinations, like lemongrass-kefir lime, and sweet corn-caramel (made from local sweet corn!).

Her creations range from traditional french custard ice creams, to gelatos, to sorbets. And speaking of sorbets: we always have three, and they are always vegan, so that everyone can partake in the fun!

Right now on the menu we've got Tracy's famous mint chocolate chip (made from mint from our backyard, of course), chocolate-peanut, and a honey-vanilla creme. But Tracy's always thinking three ice creams ahead! In the works she has a lemon custard, and a chocolate truffle so rich and decadent it takes almost eight days to make.

We'll meet you on the patio for ice cream this summer!

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