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Monday, 15 August 2016 17:56

Edible - Healthfully Whole

Healthfully Whole


"Wellness is the groundwork for everything we do here," Cherie Montoya of Albuquerque's Farm & Table restaurant told me in a recent interview. "We have a firm culture of taking care of people." As our conversation continued, I began to see exactly what Montoya meant. With thirteen years of experience in the nonprofit sector, she applied her takeaway from that period of her life to her vision for her one-of-a- kind restaurant, believing that “the only way anything big happen[s] is [through] collective collaboration."

Download the article here: pdfEdible-EarlySummer2016-HealtfullyWhole.pdf

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Monday, 01 August 2016 13:27

Local Flavor - Still Hungry

This month, Still Hungry? brings you two very talented Albuquerque chefs, who are intimately familiar with our local soils and all it yields—or doesn't—as their dishes are brought straight from the earth to the plate. Chef Carrie Eagle of Farm & Table tells us that this year, in this heat and drought, produce is struggling in the dry earth, but the onions are prolific. And snpired by the bounty, she's shared with us her Sol Harvest Farm French onion soup.


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