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  • Ethiopian Dinner

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    A Taste of Ethiopia

    December 11 | 6:00pm | $75


    Guest chefs, Rahel Fikre-Selassie and Adrian Perez join Chef Carrie to create an authentic Ethiopian experience paired with wine and concluding with a traditional coffee ceremony. 


    Menu Draft

    (wines will be added soon!)

    First Bites

    Gored Gored 

    Beef tartare with nitre kibbeh (spiced butter), cardamom, salt and mitmita (chile powder) and house-made cottage cheese. Served with Injera, Ethiopian flatbread.

    Cod Sambusa

    Baked cod with jalapeno, onion, tomato, spices and béchamel in a crunchy tef and wheat pastry.


    Misir Wot

    Red lentils simmered in berbere sauce and vegetable broth served with Timatim Fitfit: Ethiopian bread salad, served cold with tomatoes, red onion, garlic, jalapeno tossed in a zesty vinaigrette. Served with Injera.


    Yebeg Alicha

    A mildly spicy dish of braised lamb slow cooked in turmeric, garlic and ginger. served with Gomen: wilted dinosaur kale sautéed with onions, fresh tomatoes, jalapeno, garlic and ginger in olive oil. Served with Injera.


    Doro Wott

    A traditional festive dish slow cooked chicken in spicy berbere sauce with ginger, garlic, cardamom and hard boiled eggs. Served with Atakilt Alicha: cabaage and carrots in vegetable broth and tumeric, garlic and ginger. Served with Injera.


    Plum Cake & Cardamom Gelato

    Coffee Ceremony

    Ethiopia's coffee ceremony is an integral part of their social and cultural life. An invitation to attend a coffee ceremony is considered a mark of friendship or respect and is an excellent example of Ethiopian hospitality. Performing the ceremony is almost obligatory in the presence of a visitor, whatever the time of day.

     For reservations, please email us at reserve(AT) or call 505-503-7124


Upcoming Events

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Monday, 29 February 2016 11:25

MARCH - Women & Creativity 2016

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WOMEN & CREATIVITY is an annual, month-long series that celebrates women’s creativity across the disciplines. This year marks the 11th anniversary of the program.Women & Creativity places particular emphasis on the innovation, exchange and leadership of our community’s most visionary women. Farm & Table, La Parada and Sol Harvest Farm are pleased to offer meaningful events in partnership with Women & Creativity!


 The Vibrant Work of Shakti Kroopkin

Showcased at Farm & Table until June 26

The work of local, contemporary artist  will be on view at Farm & Table. Shakti’s abstract “shapespaces” are rooted in her memories of the Chicago cityscape, combined with the vast raw beauty of New Mexico where she currently resides. The artist’s process exposes luminous spirit, imagination and movement while being grounded in her unique visual language of reoccurring lines, shapes, color and symbols. The raw expression of emotion and energy traverses the limitations of the finite world, inviting the viewer on a journey offering the freedom of infinite play.


Women, Wine and Wellness: A Mindful Brunch

Saturday, March 26 | 1:00pm | $45

Join us on the patio at Farm & Table for a three-course, wine-paired brunch while experiencing mindfulness and gratitude. Guided by mindfulness expert Lara Patriquin and gratitude specialist Antonia Montoya, this brunch will include seasonal dishes created by Farm & Table's executive chef Carrie Eagle and pastry chef Tracy Johnson, with paired wines selected by curator Amy Haas. We will explore incorporating mindfulness and gratitude in everyday tasks such as eating, drinking, walking, and engaging with others. Space is limited. Email  to reserve your spot.

Partners: The Mindful Center, Michelle DuVal and Lara Patriquin; Antonia Montoya of Our Gratitude Collective; Aimee Conlee of Sol Harvest Farm; and Cherie Montoya of Farm & Table.


A Feast for the Senses: A Pop-Up Dinner

Tuesday, March 29 | 7pm  | $75
At the Sanitary Tortilla Factory
403 2nd St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Food is inherently sensory. It engages our senses every step of the way—we procure, prepare, salivate, and savor. But more importantly, food is social. It connects us to the people who provide for us, for whom we cook, and who eat with us at the same table.  Join us at the table as we take you on an exploration of all the senses during this pop-up dinner served up by Chef Carrie Eagle. Partners include SCA Contemporary Art, Edible Santa Fe, Farm & Table, and Sol Harvest Farm.


La Parada - Creative Women Showcase

Each Saturday in March

La Parada will be featuring local artists during the month of March. Michelle Lowden, Antonia Montoya, Felicia Montoya, Barbara Miller, and Marisa Stanford. Please visit their  for details.


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