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Tuesday, 12 April 2016 21:13

MSN Lifestyle - 51 Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in America

Valuing local food, respect, hospitality and community, Farm & Table encourages you to "come find your place at the table." From tri-color baby carrots and Easter egg radishes to sunchokes, New Mexico’s spring harvest is health foodie heaven—and so is Farm & Table’s menu.

51 best farm to table in America

by Cassandra Talmadge

"Farm-to-table dining is a nationwide phenomenon, but its roots date back to our ancestry. Prior to World War II, food was harvested, hunted, fished, or gathered from nature's bounty. It wasn’t frozen and shipped from another country or genetically modified and sprayed with harmful chemicals. We understood that nature alone could sustain us.

But then something changed. Microwaves replaced ovens, fast food chains replaced “mom and pop” restaurants, factory farms replaced local farms, and dining no longer meant sitting down after a long day and spending intimate time with your family or community.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where you accumulate toxins nearly every time you bite into a meal or sip from a glass. Not only are these toxins harmful to your health, but eating them is easily one of the most common habits that can make you sick and fat. Thankfully, farm-to-table restaurants have answered our call for help and they’re one of the biggest food trends in years. With that in mind, we curated some of our favorite farm-to-fork restaurants, with a don't-miss spot from every state. Each one strives to bring our history to the modern world through the use of local and organic ingredients, and community. Click through to see which one is near you—and find out what makes them some of the hottest restaurants in America!"

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